8 Things About Social Workers Most People Don’t Know

There are tons of Social Workers!

Of all mental health service providers, Social Workers make up the largest group! There are over 200,000 clinically trained social workers – that’s more than psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurses combined! (Social Work Profession).

Social Work is a rapidly growing career in the US!

Employment of social workers overall is expected to increase by 12% by 2024! Healthcare, mental health, and substance abuse social work are projected to grow by 19%! Meanwhile expected total job growth of all occupations in the US is only expected to be about 7%. (Social Workers: Occupational Outlook Handbook).

The field of Social Work is much broader than most people think!

Social Workers are knowledgeable about human development and behavior, social/economic/cultural institutions, and how all these factors interact!

Social Workers help people restore or strengthen their social functioning capacity and work to improve societal conditions! They practice psychosocial services and advocacy to address the needs of their clients! (Social Work Profession).

Social Workers are not all working in public or child welfare!

Professional social workers handle only about 25% of all child welfare cases! Only approximately 1% of the National Association of Social Workers’ members are employed in public sector! (Social Work Myths and Facts).

You can find Social Workers in so many other places!

They can work in hospitals, mental health clinics, corporations, police departments, adoption agencies, military facilities, non-profit agencies, private practice, and many other contexts!

Hundreds of social workers are elected to local, state, and national offices! This includes 2 US Senators and 7 US Representatives! (General Facts about Social Work).

Many Social Workers help the Red Cross and the military!

Social Workers make up 40% of the mental health professionals helping the Red Cross Disaster Services Human Resources system.

More than 10,000 of Social Workers are employed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to help military personnel and their families through counseling, client education, crisis intervention, substance abuse treatment, end of life planning, etc. (Social Work Profession).

Social Workers help a vast range of populations!

Working with everyone from children to the elderly, Social Workers help people of all ages! And from poverty, to adoption, to hospice care, Social Workers aide people in all types of situations! (General Facts about Social Work).

Social Workers go by a lot of different titles!

A BSW, or Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, is obtained through completion of a four-year college education.

An MSW, or Master’s Degree in Social Work, is obtained by completing graduate level course work and field experience.

An LMSW, or Licensed Master Social Worker, is granted after completing of a graduate social work program and passing a licensure exam.

An LCSW, or Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is obtained after completion of graduate level education, 3 years of subsequent supervised experience, and passing a clinical examination.

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