8 Facts on Social Work Intervention and Leadership – Gilda Goldental-Stoecker

  1. The three levels of social work interventions are macro, mezzo, and micro. (2/2/2016 Lecture Notes)                                   200-7
  2. Macro encompasses social policy, administration, and community organizing. Mezzo encompasses groups and families. Micro encompasses individuals. (2/2/2016 Lecture Notes)                                                          200-1
  3. Mezzo also includes marriage counseling because in society, a marriage involves a family and many outside actors. (2/2/2016 Lecture Notes)200-2
  4. Social work leadership is constrained by ideological reasons because social work encourages egalitarian participation in decision making and creating opportunities for new groups to take ownership and power. (2/4/2016 Lecture Notes)                                                200-3
  5. Social work leadership is also constrained by practice and reality as far as resources because drastic funding cuts that occur to social welfare programs. Social workers often then have to find new areas of practice instead of fighting the changes themselves. (2/4/2016 Lecture Notes)                                                                              200_s
  6. Insurance law in New York State mandates at least six years post-masters supervision in order to get the LCSW-R status to be able to bill insurance for social work status. (2/4/2016 Lecture Notes)                                                                             200-4
  7. There is currently not mandate in New York State to have mental health education in schools. (Guest Speaker Keith Leahey 2/4/2016)       200-5
  8. New York State spent fifty-two billion dollars on Medicaid in 2014, which is more pore beneficiary than any other state but ranked among the last of all states in health outcomes. (Guest Speaker Keith Leahey 2/4/2016)200-6

By Gilda Goldental-Stoecker


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