Some of the Ways a Social Work CEO Spends Her Day

By: Mariah Stein

  1. Wake up super early (ranging from 5:00 AM – 7:00 AM).

Waking up GIF

2. Go to the gym! A CEO needs to be in tip top shape and have the stamina for the busy day ahead.


3. Have an early morning meeting with Board members to discuss plans for new programs, and come out of the meeting with even more work! (Now have to research in depth a few different ideas)


4. Have a brief session with the VP of Finance and Administration. As a CEO it is very important to keep close tabs on the finances of the company.

money GIF

5. Yet another meeting before we have even made it to lunch! A meeting to try to get funding (from the United Way).


6. Now there is only 20 minutes to check missed calls and emails before the next meeting (including trying to catch people on the phone right around lunch time).

on the phone.gif

7. There are no breaks for a CEO. During lunch there is a rotary meeting luncheon. (There is much competition for funding among over 500 groups).

8. A little time to spare for checking emails before yet another meeting. Meetings for the day usually last until 5:45 and it is average to leave the office around 7pm.

leaving the office GIF.gif


*”Being a CEO is demanding, exciting, stressful, fun, frustrating, sometimes lonely, and fulfilling”

**The majority of the day is spent in meetings and every day is different

***Although it is a demanding job it is also a fulfilling job, especially getting funded for a program and knowing that you have impacted people’s lives



(Grobman, 2012. Life as an Agency CEO by Judith C. Czarnecki, page 319-323)

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