The Moral Qualm of Holding Someone’s Palm: Issues in Management and Leadership

The Great Divide: The Nonprofit World and the Private Sector

The ability of social workers to do good is hindered by incorporated bureaucratic concepts such as budgeting and profits rather than managing it based on effective practices using organizational psychology. (class notes)jessyj

Budget Cuts: Follow the Money Trail

Drastic funding cuts push social welfare programs to new directions, and some were even financially starved to extinction.shutterstock_dinosaur_impact-crop-original-original

Medicaid Costs:

Mental health is a valid medical concern, and if pricing isn’t controlled proper, the initiative might fall apart. This is why healthcare needs to be viewed as a social necessity rather than a business. (in-class speaker, Keith Leahey, MSW)leaving the office GIF

Enabling, Empowering, and Mediating: Passive Activism

Many social workers do not like running an authoritative session and are uncomfortable with professional power. This is why social workers are there to help people help themselves rather than give them all the solutions. (class notes)82859089

But There’s Some Hope:

The Affordable Care Act is fueling reform, allowing the public have access to affordable health care, including mental health care. It treats health care equally important as physical health care rather than just a side issue. (in-class speaker, Keith Leahey, MSW)64081475


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