6 Surprising Facts about Prison Re-Entry Clients and Coordinators

(1) 66% of people in prison will end up back there if they don’t get assistance upon release (Jeff Pryor 2/18/16).


(2) It is the responsibility of the re-entry coordinator to provide the client with opportunities and resources that will eventually allow them to help themselves. It is not the coordinators job to tell the client how they should live their life. The client needs to want to get help and change in order for change to happen (Jeff Pryor 2/18/16).


(3) Re-entry coordinators work with clients that are at the highest risk for going back to prison. This could get tricky when the re-entry coordinator has to chose between which clients are more likely to go back to prison and which ones aren’t (Jeff Pryor 2/18/16).


(4) The more intimate and interpersonal the relationship of the client and the coordinator is the better chance the client has to stay out of prison. This does not necessarily mean that larger organizations are not as effective as smaller ones, because large organizations will have a bigger staff as well as bigger funds to work with (Jeff Pryor 2/18/16).


(5) Some re-entry coordinators are able to meet with their clients up to three months before they get released from prison. This allows the coordinator to form a relationship with the client and build up some trust (Jeff Pryor 2/18/16).


(6) Clients on parole living in this area get nine or ten chances before being locked back up in prison. This gives them some leeway when readjusting to life outside of prison (Jeff Pryor 2/18/16).



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Guest Speaker: Jeff Pryor 2/18/16


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