5 Reasons Why Incarceration is not the Solution by Emily Panganiban

  1. Money that could be put towards schools or social services is spent on making prisons. (Pyle & Gilmore pp. 8)                                                                                                                   tcnnxjjpw2jc8
  2. In some states, people who have felony convictions are barred from voting.  Because of this the vote does not truly represent all of the American public. For example, the outcome of the 2000 election depended on 537 votes when there were 600,0000 people that could not vote due to their felony convictions. (Jones & Mauer, 2013, pp. 106)
  3. Making more prisons to accommodate the amount of prisoners does not help to develop the economy.                                                                                                            Prisons have little connection to the local economy. For example, prisoners’ food doesn’t come from local grocers—prisoners’ food comes from state warehouses. (Pyle & Gilmore,2008, pp. 11)                                                                                                                        rmby6h4kky7jk
  4. Investing in treatment and support to prevent people from going back to prison seems to work better than creating more prisons.                                                             In California, a study was done that showed that investing a dollar in substance abuse treatment resulted in saving dollars through the reduction of crime and hospitalization. (Jones & Mauer,2013, pp. 99)
  5. No one grows up wanting to be incarcerated.                                                              People don’t normally grow up thinking “man, one day I want to be locked away from the rest of society for years and then have a hard time readjusting!” Rather than trying to kick these people down for the mistake they made and most likely regret. We should give these people a chance and provide them with the chance that they need. (Jeff Pryor)                                                                                                                   vlixe8hnchdnq


Jones, S. & Mauer, Marc. (2013). Race to Incarcerate: A Graphic Retelling. New York: The New Press

Pyle, K., & Gilmore, G. (2008). Prison Town: Paying the Price. Oakland, CA: PM Press.

Jeff Pryor, in class lecture 2/18/2016

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