8 Facts and Statistics Surrounding Homelessness

  1. Advocates for homelessness estimate that about 3 million people in the United States are homeless. This number is hard to verify because of the vague definitions of homelessness.

homeless 2

2. Homeless women are more vulnerable to many things than men while living out of a home. They experience higher rates of health problems and face a greater risk of sexual and physical assault than homeless men do.


3. Single women with children are the fastest growing homeless population.

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4. Characteristics of Homeless

-43% of homeless individuals are substance abusers

-26% are mentally ill

-23% are veterans

-19% have full or part time jobs

-8% have AIDS or related illnesses

homeless 5

5. Homeless Demographic according to U.S. Conference of Mayors

-Single men make up about 48% of homeless

-Single women make up 11%

-Families with children fall around 38%

-Blacks make up about 53%

-Whites make up 31% of homeless

-Hispanics fall around 12%

-Native Americans see about 3%

-Asians only make up 1% of homeless

homeless 46. Two of the main problems that individuals run into that lead to homeless are poverty and the need for affordable housing.

homeless 1

7. Several homeless individuals leave their homes to escape abuse. These victims of abuse are more vulnerable to poverty.

homeless 6

8.ANYONE can become homeless.



Abby Arnold

Information taken from:

Boes, M., & Wormer, K. (1997). Social Work with Homeless Women in Emergency Rooms: A Strengths-Feminist Perspective. Affilia, 12(4), 408-426. doi:10.1177/088610999701200404

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