8 Humbling Facts About Homelessness

1.) It is estimated that there are 3 million homeless people in the United States                        (Boes and Wormer 409).


2.) More than half of the homeless have a history of mental illness                                               (Baggett and O’Connell 1326).


3.) Millions of Americans receive inadequate healthcare due to their living situation and inability to afford healthcare (Baggett and O’Connell 1331).


4.) In New York City, many people are forced to resort to living in the pitch black tunnels of the NY Subway (Horton and Landowne).


5.) Many of the homeless are uneducated, unable to read or write (Horton and Landowne).


6.) Homeless women have higher rates of health problems and face a greater risk of sexual and physical abuse (Boes and Warmer 409).


7.) A common, yet false, attitude towards homelessness that is shared by many members of society, is that people need only a stronger work ethic to reclaim their homes and lives. It is simply not that easy (Boes and Wormer 418).


8.) Social Services in places like hospitals is paramount because it can provide homeless men and women with the help they need. Services such as these are aimed at prevention; their ultimate goal is to keep people off the streets (Boes and Wormer 424).



Baggett, T., O’Connell, J., Singer, D., & Rigotti, N. (2010). The Unmet Health Care Needs of         Homeless Adults: A National Study. Am J Public Health American Journal of Public                 Health, 1326-1333.

Boes, M., & Wormer, K. (1997). Social Work with Homeless Women in Emergency Rooms:            A Strengths-Feminist Perspective. Affilia, 12(4), 408-426.                                                                doi:10.1177/088610999701200404

Horton, A., & Landowne, Y. (2008). Pitch black: Don’t be skerd. El Paso, TX: Cinco Puntos           Press.

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