6 Facts about Oncology Social Work

  1. An oncology social worker is someone who provides a patient with the necessary assistance and knowledge regarding their illness.Unknown.jpeg
  2. An oncology social worker provides their patients with psychological, emotional, social and spiritual issues.Unknown-1.jpeghttp://www.cancer.net/blog/2014-04/spotlight-oncology-social-workers-–-part-i-qa
  3. Oncology social work has been around since the 1960s
  4. Although oncology social work is very important technology has changed the way people with cancer receive counseling. Now they have the option to join online support groups and to receive counseling via phone.Unknown-2.jpeghttp://www.socialworkers.org/pubs/news/2015/04/oncology-social-work.asp
  5. Oncology social workers can be found in hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics, and community agencies.Unknown-3.jpeg
  6. One of the requirements of being an oncologist is 3 years of post masters experience in oncology social work.

Oncology Social Work Certification (OSW-C) Requirements


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