The Duties of Social Workers


Social worker responsibilities vary depending on the facility, the unit, the culture of unit, and the culture of the social work department within the facility. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 203).


Night shift social workers not only need coffee, but also need to be familiar with community service providers! (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 203).


Day shift social workers mostly spend their time making referrals on the phone, meeting with patients and family members, and talking with the treatment team. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 203)


Medical social work was the first specialization area in the social work profession. In addition, medical social workers were the first members of the profession to work in what is known as the secondary setting where providing social work services is not the organization’s primary function. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 203).



Secondary locations where social workers are working or offer services on a contract foundation include: hospitals, prisons, schools, and corporations. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 203).





The smallest teams are usually the primary care teams which include the patient, doctor and social worker; the speech and physical therapists are needed ancillary care professionals. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 204).



Some institutions do not pay attention to interdisciplinary meetings and have little inclusive care planning, other institutions desire professional participation as well as encouragement for the patients and family members. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 206).



Interdisciplinary teams compel every team member to finish an assessment according to the standards of their respective discipline, making goals and the process of achieving the goals. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 206).



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