6 Health Care Job Settings for Social Workers that You Need to Know About Now!

As told by HIMYM

By: Eliza Adler

  1. Primary Care. This can include hospitals, individual or group medical practices, or clinics. Social workers are often employed in hospitals, but it is not as common to have a social worker in a private medical practice setting.01_himym_560x375
  1. Department of Veterans Affairs. This field has a long history, the VA started employing social workers in 1926! Social workers help veterans with a variety of issues, including physical and psychiatric illnesses, homelessness, and ex-POW status.        HIMYMplatonish
  2.  Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Clinics. Many LGBT clinics exist, because historically (and today) many healthcare providers do not cater to the needs of this community. Social workers in these clinics can provide a wide range of services such as group or individual counseling, help with family planning, and support groups for HIV patients and partners. wayne_brady_himym
  3. Hospitals. The number of social workers in hospitals is changing, and nurses are beginning to take over more responsibilities that previously belonged to social workers. However, social workers are still needed and employed in hospitals, and they have many responsibilities such as patient discharge planning, referrals to outside resources, and counseling.Pressexpress. Landov
  4. Subacute Care. This type of care is arranged when a patient doesn’t need to be in the hospital any more, but isn’t ready to go home. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as post-surgery recovery, cancer treatment, or accident recovery. Social workers can arrange a plan for the patient, including where they will go and how long they will stay there.                         tumblr_nh0yf8sckg1tjc0x7o1_500
  5. Home Health Care. As the title suggests, this field consists of health care administered in the patient’s home. This can include services such as meal preparation and housekeeping, or help with bathing or toileting.Marshall_and_Lily_trapped_in_bathroom

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