8 Facts on the Military and Military Social Work by Gilda Goldental-Stoecker

  1. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is the highest employer of social workers in the USA. They employ 11,000 social workers. (Lecture notes 3/8/2016)200w-1
  2. Veterans Affairs social workers work with veterans, career military, and their children and families. (Lecture notes 3/8/2016)                                                               200w
  3. Veterans Affairs social workers provide many services to their clients such as mental illness, wartime trauma, family violence, coping with illnesses, substance abuse, and improving their health. (Daley, 2003)200
  4. 10 times as many veterans served before 9/11 than after 9/11. (Lecture notes 3/8/2016)200-1
  5. Most veterans are older with the largest population being from the Vietnam era. (Lecture notes 3/8/2016)                                                                        200-2
  6. Military benefits include 30 days paid vacation, healthcare, housing, housing allowances, job security, training, and upward mobility. (Lecture notes 3/8/2016)200-3
  7. The military family is often times relocated to other areas within the United States and sometimes other countries. Being away from their extended family members and often times feel isolated as a result. (Lecture notes 3/8/2016)200-4
  1. The military member of the family is usually working long hours and the spouse or caregiver is left to take care of the family and home by themselves. This can lead to marital stress and family breakdown, affecting all members of the military family. (Lecture notes 3/8/2016)                                                                                                200-5

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