Inside Military Social Work

  • The VA is the number one employer for social work, employing 11,000 social workers. (SW250 Class PowerPoint 3/8/16)

  • Military social workers address things that fall in all types of social work fields, however the work they do is specialized towards veterans. (SW250 Class PowerPoint, 3/8/16)HBO soldiers band of brothers hbo now veterans day
  • Military life is basically a mini town that is provided by the government, and social workers are present in this community to help veterans cope and deal with the many things they are faced with. For example, many social workers are known to work with active single duty parents, many who tend to be women, and help them to do the best they can in their situation. (SW250 Class PowerPoint, 3/8/16)

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  • Many veterans suffer from PTSD and other issues as a result of their service and social workers are there to help them cope. For example, many veterans suffer from what are called triggers. A trigger can be anything from a sight, a smell, a feeling, or a dream and it brings you back to the source of the trauma. (Connie Studgeon, Guest Lecture, 3/10/16)90s friends depression tv shows phoebe
  • “Pain doesn’t have to be cranked up to the highest volume,” exercises and alternative solutions are very helpful for coping with trauma. Today phone apps can help veterans track there PTSD triggers, give them breathing exercises to calm them down, and help them cope with their trauma. (Connie Studgeon, Guest Lecture, 3/10/16)


  • Military social workers also work with family members of veterans. Secondary PTSD is a common thing that is seen among spouses of veterans, and it can be just as damaging and impactful to a relationship or family as PTSD could be. (Connie Studgeon, Guest Lecture, 3/10/16)

  • Military social work can be seen all over the world in many different countries. It may not be called military social work, their processes may differ slightly, and they might have different end goals, but overall they are trying to accomplish similar things. (Daley, 2003, pg. 443)

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Connie Studgeon, Guest Speaker, 3/10/16.

Daley, James G. (2003). Military social work: A multi-country comparison. International Social Work, 46(4), 437-448.

SW250 Class Lecture, PowerPoint, 3/8/16.

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