How Social Workers Make Positive Impacts on People in the Military

“Social workers have provided direct services focusing on such issues as family violence, substance abuse, mental illness, adaptation to the military, wartime trauma, coping with physical illness and health enhancement” (Daley 438).


Military Social Work positions have reduced family stress and therefore have increased soldiers’ career motivation (Daley 445)


Military Social Workers adapt to the changing environment and priorities. Some aim to develop a family violence prevention programs, and others wants to implement a critical incident stress debriefing response system (Daley 445)


Often if families are dissatisfied with military life, soldiers are less likely to re-enlist. The United States Military puts a lot of focus on the importance of family satisfaction to increase the number of soldiers who re-enlist. This saves a lot of time and money spent on training new soldiers (Daley 445)



Daley, J. (2003). Military Social Work: A Multi-Country Comparison. International Social Work Int Soc Work, 46(4), 437-448. doi:10.1177/0020872803464002

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