4 Ways Merrit Uses Social Work to Heal the Soul of Someone with Substance Abuse.

“Chemical dependency often comes from anxiety, stress, and having no one to talk to.”

This statement is backed up by the fact that many clients have comorbid mental health diagnoses. It’s hard to tell what came first, the substance abuse or the mental health problem. Because most of these issues are caused by previous trauma, it’s important to also talk it out with someone like a social worker. (Lecture)


“The relapse happens when the person starts to feel that “they just can’t do it”, not when they pick up the substance”

According to the lecture, the stages of change cycle is precontemplation, contemplation, determination, action, maintenance, relapse. Merrit claims that relapse’s definition begins more with the contemplation to do the substance again. If you intervene on that relapse before the drug is touched, it could prevent coming back into the problem. (Lecture)


“If you change the way someone thinks, you can change the way they live” – Meritt on Cognitive behavioral therapy

CBT is one of the many treatments that can help people dealing with substance abuse.


“Addicts aren’t good or bad people, they’re people who’ve made bad decisions”

The media often portrays people with substance abuse problems very differently. The meth addict might be portrayed as scary and serious while the alcoholic may be as goofy and not serious. These portrays affect how we see addicts. (Lecture, The Simpsons and Breaking Bad)


“Social Work is about finding a way to heal the soul.” — Merrit

Lauryn Maleski

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