6 Facts about Substance Abuse

  1. Substance Abuse can be linked to Tobacco, Alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs. https://www.sokanu.com/careers/substance-abuse-social-worker/

Unknown-7.jpeg2. Drug Abuse and addiction changes your brain chemistry. The longer you use your drug of choice, the more damage is done- and the harder it is to go back to “normal” during drug rehab.


3. Some symptoms of those who abuse drugs are isolation from family and friends, spending time with new friends or friends who get high or drunk, never having money and always asking to borrow money, constantly sleeping, not paying attention of basic hygiene, and sneaking away to either get high or drunk.


4. Unfortunately substance abuse can occur at any point in time. For Teens and young adults this could lead to long-term issues. Addiction, poor judgement, injury due to intoxication, lifelong legal problems, serious, irreversible health problems.


5. Symptoms tat must occur in order for an individual to be diagnosed with an addiction would have to be tolerance for the drug they consume, withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not consumed, loss of control when using drugs, and craving drugs the majority of the time.


6. Substance abuse can lead to various health issues in the future involving the liver and major organs.



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