5 Facts About Foster Kids

(1) Children do not always end up in foster care because their parents abused or mis treated them. Sometimes parents pass away, and the child is placed with a relative, such as an aunt or uncle, who is now the child’s primary guardian. The aunt or uncle may not be happy taking care of someone else’s child, even though they are family. This can cause a lot of hostile feelings in the home, and also cause the child to feel neglected and isolated (Know How Film).


(2) Children who get taken from their homes often have very hostile feelings towards social workers. They do not see the social worker as someone who is trying to help them, but rather someone who is attempting to tear their family apart (Know How Film).


(3) It is also possible for siblings who go into a foster home together, to later become separated. This can cause even more hostile feelings toward the social worker and other social service workers. Although most agencies make an extreme effort to keep siblings together, it does’t always work out (Know How Film).


(4) The atmosphere in a group home can be very aggressive. It is safe to assume that most of the people in these homes are not happy about it. This can cause the child to feel depressed and alone (Know How Film).


(5) Children who have no one to take care of them will resort to stealing money in order to feed themselves. Once they get comfortable robbing people, it is not long before they start committing other crimes just to get by. These kids believe that selling drugs is an easy way to make money without a high school degree, and they hardly think about the long term consequences. Once kids have drugs at their disposal, it won’t be long before they start to experiment with them (Know How Film).



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