5 Ways The Promise Zone is Supporting Positive Child Welfare

The Promise Zone’s goals include student engagement, academic achievement, social and emotional competence, drop out prevention and so much more. (Guest Speaker)
The goals of the promise zone match many of the dimensions of a child’s developmental needs, according to the lecture, like health, education, and emotional and behavioral development. (Lecture Slide 3-10)


The promise zone collaborates with the community, including parents, employers, elected leaders, educators and community partners. (Guest Speaker)
Collaborating with the community helps build positive welfare for the child because it develops social and family relationships. If a family is not healthy, a child alone will have trouble achieving health. Collaborating with systems outside of the home helps to develop empathy and connect to important resources. (Lecture Slide 3-10)


The Promise Zone helps to equal access for services like mental health. This is more than just therapy! (Guest Speaker)
Behavioral and mental health needs are important for a developing child who may be in a home that isn’t very healthy. The Broome County Promise Zone helps that emotional wellbeing, which is a huge dimension in child welfare. (Lecture Slide 3-10)


The Promise Zone is trying to open a mental health clinic that will help out the students in Windsor school district. It’s for families too! (Guest Speaker)
This is just one example of how the Broome County Promise Zone caters to the emotional and behavioral development, but also to family development as well! This helps make the family healthy and grow a sense of empathy in that system for the child. (Lecture Slide 3-10)CW4.gif

The Promise Zone shows that there is more to child welfare than just Child Protective Services and similar roles. (Guest Speaker)
We often think of child welfare as Child Protective Services, and that is often found in a negative light. While CPS looks to meet all of the dimensions of needs a child has, there are other ways to do so outside of CPS, like the Promise Zone! (Lecture Slide 3-10)


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