Clearing Up Misconceptions about Child Welfare Social Work

  • Not all workers in Child Protective Services are social workers. Many times, individuals who come to remove children from their homes do not have any type of social work licensure and sometimes, not even a degree in social work. Some are educated in human services, or case management.

Child Welfare 1

  • The goal of social workers in child welfare is NOT to separate children from their families. The ultimate goal of all cases in child welfare is reunification.

Child Welfare 2

  • Child Welfare Social Workers do not work with just children alone. Because they are working for the well being of a child, they must work towards reunifying a family into a safe and loving home. This requires work not only with the children but with the parents and family members as well. This can include coordinating services for parents who deal with financial issues, drug or alcohol abuse, anger management, parenting classes, etc. Any services that are needed for the successful reunification of a family as a whole can be coordinated by a child welfare social worker.

child welfare 3

  • A lot of times, child welfare social workers are seen as casting blame upon parents. Despite what many believe, social workers ultimately want to see parents succeed. They do not look at parents with disgust, but are trained to understand the many possible contributing factors to their current circumstances and the reasoning behind their actions. They use these understandings to create a plan to assist in the bettering of parents in order to be reunited with their family.
  • Child Welfare 4


Abby Arnold

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Class Discussion, March 22, 2016

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