Many families are impacted by child welfare every day. Family engagement is a huge part of preventing child welfare. Parents should be involved in every step of the way in a child’s life. If there is good family engagement there is a less likely of a chance that the family will be impacted by child welfare and have to interact with services such as CPS and face other problems causing their family to be broken apart. (Luann Kida, Guest Speaker, 3/24/16)

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Many kids who are in need of child welfare usually results from trauma or abuse that they are facing at home. As a result of this trauma many of these kids develop impulse control issues. A child who is facing abuse at home may demonstrate lack of impulse control when interacting with another child. A situation could be if a child taps another child to get their attention and the child being tapped faces abuse at home will impulsively react and possibly punch the other child. (Luann Kida, Guest Speaker, 3/24/16)

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Children who are put into the welfare system face a lot of hardships at times and unfortunately even though they are being removed from their homes for protection sometimes they end up in places through the system that aren’t much better. A lot of times many children who are removed from their homes are shuffled around from place to place, and foster home to foster home. (Know How, 2014, Film)

Children who are entered into the welfare system are usually from abusive and neglectful homes, poverty and maltreatment are present, there is a lack of healthcare, or a custody battle is occurring. (DiNitto & McNeece, 2008, pgs. 239-243)

Many children of the welfare system also end up functioning as parents to their younger siblings or becoming teen parents most likely like their parents. (DiNitto & McNeece, 2008, pgs. 241-242)

Social work has been known to have a long history with helping children and families, and social workers in the field of child welfare are constantly working every day to help. The main goal of a social worker is to shield children from neglect and abuse, but also work to help strengthen families in trouble for a better future. (DiNitto & McNeece, 2008, pgs. 239)



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