5 Things You Didn’t Know About School Social Work

(1) When one begins their career as a school social worker, they are required to sign a document regarding the rules about confidentiality. This can get tricky when someone above the social workers asks to see certain files. In some cases it may be clear that the person requesting the information is just noisy and it is not necessary for them to know. As a social worker you are allowed to ask why this person wants access to the information. On the other hand, if a child becomes violent it may be necessary to release the confidential information (Sam Bligen).


(2) Some parents or guardians may be super helpful and willing to talk to school social workers. It is also possible for parents/guardians to not cooperate with the social worker which can cause tension and animosity which can affect the child (Sam Bligen).


(3) As a social worker working with young children, it is important to remember that each child may have a different account of exactly what happened. It is the duty of the social worker to dig deeper and play out each scenario before taking action (Sam Bligen).


(4) It is possible for a school social worker to have a liaison that helps them determine when it is necessary to call CPS. This is useful because some social workers may become “hotline trigger happy” and want to call CPS on every minor behavioral issue (Sam Bligen).


(5) It is really important to network in school social work. You will never know when you’ll require someones advice or opinion on something, so it becomes helpful to align yourself with people you work with on a regular basis (Sam Bligen).



Guest Speaker: Sam Bligen


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