6 Facts about Child Welfare



1.Child abuse is a systemic issue with no easy answers and no simple solutions. Social workers involved with these cases need to secure the safety of children while adequately addressing their needs and the needs of the families.

2. Social workers within the child welfare system have made professional and personal commitments to protect children and preserve families through their clinical interventions and direct work with children and families.

3. “Child welfare system” describes a continuum of services that includes child protective services, family preservation, family foster care, group homes, residential facilities, adoption services, and kinship care services.

4. There are challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining workers for child welfare services due to , low salaries, high caseloads/workloads, administrative burdens, risk of violence, limited or inadequate supervision and insufficient training.

5. One of the most difficult aspects of working in child welfare system are caseload/workload, paperwork, salary, media, portrayal of social workers, working conditions, court appearances, safety, lack of training/professional development opportunities, as well as issues confronting children and their families.

6. Although there are many social workers who find child welfare to be challenging others believe it to be a rewarding and satisfying profession. However, this profession isn’t intended for everyone so it is important to do your research in order to know what you are getting yourself into.



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Click to access naswchildwelfarerpt062004.pdf



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