6 Facts about school Social Work



1.School social workers are the best professional to discuss social and psychological issues which tend to block academic progress. Through counseling, crisis, intervention and prevention programs, they help young people overcome the difficulties in their lives, which will in return allow for a greater chance of success in school.

2. 5% of the nations approximately half a million social workers work in schools. primarily public schools. Aside from working with youth with traditional academy issues, social workers are able to aid others whose specific social, psychological, emotional or physical difficulties put them at risk for falling through the cracks.

3. School social workers have made an impact in many other areas such as designing successful violence-prevention programs.Alternative programs for gay and lesbian youth who might otherwise leave school because of peer taunting and abuse.


4. School social workers participate in special education assessment meetings as well as individual Educational planning meetings.

5. Mobilizing family, school, and community resources to enable the child to learn as effectively as possible i his or her educational program.


6. School social workers also promote and reinforce regular attendance with students, families, teachers, and administrators. They also intervene in instances of chronic truancy and non-attendance of students. Finally, they provide appropriate interventions to prevent school “drop out” in conjunction with established school and community programs.


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