8 Facts About School Social Work!

  1. In today’s schools, many children are faced with countless multifaceted emotional, social and developmental issues that greatly alter his or her willingness to lean as well as his or her general school adjustment. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 1).


  1. Due to rising family anxieties and varying economic situations, many families are living their lives full of chaos in both married and single family households. Parents often struggle to balance the stresses of both raising a family and working. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 2).


  1. As a result of these problems, teachers are often confronted with a challenge to teach children with social, emotional and behavioral issues. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 2).


  1. In an attempt to alter children’s public education, services are intended to support the needs of the child with the highest quality of education as well as the supports that are required to increase healthy child development in families and communities. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 2).


  1. Luckily, social workers are available to participate in the school reform movement to improve student’s physical and emotional health. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 2).

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  1. The partnerships between schools and communities should be seen as an approach for working together rather than as a program. Each school community is unique and have great differences in the community-school models. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 2).

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  1. Employed by the hospital, social workers offer services in schools and are viewed as a part of the infrastructure of the school. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 3).


  1. Usually, the services comprised of family assessment, teacher and school consultation, case management, as well as individual, group, or family treatment through school and home based intervention. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 3).

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