5 Reasons for Bad Attendance and 5 Ways a Social Worker Can Help a Client Fight It

Physical Health
According to lecture, home visits are a way a social worker can help keep a child on track in school when they have extensive physical illness. This is a responsibility that social workers are involved in and many don’t realize. (lecture)


Mental Health
Mental Health is an area of health that greatly impacts students. Our guest speaker talked about a young student who lost her mom to suicide. She was greatly depressed, but Sam was able to talk to her and is helping her stay in school and handle her very tough situation. This is among other issues like anxiety, sexual orientation issues, and other mental health crises. (Sam Bligen)


Bullies can scare kids straight out of school. Sam Bligen talked about his schools zero tolerance policies and policies such as that combined with assemblies and awareness about bullying can really help kids out of the dark. (Sam Bligen)


Subpar Living Environment
According to the reading, there are “increasing family pressures and changing economic conditions” and these pressures too affect the student. Sitting one on one with a student at school and setting short and long term goals for them is something that can help push through the stress. School Social workers may be able to push families to outside resources to help them. (Diehl & Frey, 2008)


Drugs & Alcohol
Drug and alcohol problems can result from any of the above and more. Conventions that mirror scared straight programs may be something that helps a kid work on beating their habit that could or may already have turn into a serious addiction. Working one on one is also a great goal to help the student. (Lecture)


Diehl, D., & Frey, A. (2008). Evaluating a Community-School Model of Social Work Practice. School Social Work Journal, 32(2), 2.

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