3 Fun Facts about School Social Work

School social work is an aspect of elementary, middle, and high schools that are extremely under-appreciated aspect of society. School social workers provide a wide variety of services to their students, and they’re absolutely invaluable for the students. Here’s 3 facts about school social workers!!


  1. School social workers must use a wide variety of interventional strategies when dealing with their clients. School social workers have a diverse amount of clients, so they have to utilize a large amount of interventional strategies when treating their patients. This can range from individual therapy to referral to outside counseling, to a safe space to do homework in the afternoon. The possibilities are endless!! (Lecture 4/7/16)SchoolSocialWorkLogoBIG
  2. School social workers are mandated reporters. This means that they have to report any sign of abuse, both physical and sexual. They are required by law to do so, else they could be held liable. This preemptively protects any unwanted scenarios from occurring, and it can help prevent abuse at the student’s homes. (Lecture, 4/5/16)giphy (26).gif
  3. School social workers create safe environments for their students by advocating against bullying. School social workers provide an amazing outlet for students that feel they are being bullied, and they advocate for a school in which no bullying is present!! (Lecture, 4/5/16) giphy (27)


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