6 Important Facts to Know about School Social Work

1.Social Workers can help students with their attendance

Students may miss extensive amount of school days, which can be indicative of issues at home. Social workers may act to help the student to try and attend school more regularly. This may involve slowly reintroducing the student to a school environment, from coming for half the day, and working up to coming everyday in a week. (Class Lecture, 4/5/2016)

2.Social Workers advocate for students of all ages

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From elementary school and up, social workers maintain an important relationship with students. This includes a relationship based on trust and confidentiality, as confidentiality is important to the social workers code of ethics. Social workers are also in a position of power where they can speak on behalf of  students needs. (Class Lecture, 4/7/2016)

3. Students facing difficult emotional situations can talk with social workers

Students dealing with the loss of a close loved one may turn to a social worker for emotional support, as well as guidance. Considering students may be too young to properly deal with the loss of a loved one, a social worker may help them to cope. (Class Lecture, 4/7/2016)

4.Social Workers can help foster safe environments by discouraging bullying

Bullying is an important issue, with many schools utilizing a zero tolerance approach to bullying. If a student is found to be bullying another student, a social worker may evaluate the situation, and help the student to understand why bullying is wrong, and teach them how to correct their behavior. (Class Lecture, 4/7/2016)

5.A number of strategies may be used when talking to students


Although a school social worker may be consistent in having the goal of helping students, they way in which this is achieved may vary. For example, certain students may be more quiet than others, and in these cases, patience plays a role. This is because the student may need time to open up to the social worker. (Class Lecture, 4/7/2016)

6.Social Workers may help and work with students with disabilities

In 1990, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was passed, which provides money to accommodate the education of children with special needs. Often times, these students may benefit from the aid of social workers, who have an understanding of their needs. (DiNitto & McNeece, 2008)

by David Montes


DiNitto, D. M., & McNeece, C. A. (2008). Social Work: Issues and opportunities in a challenging profession. Lyceum Books, (3rd Edition).

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