School Social Work

  • Because of complex social, emotional, and developmental issues, children in today’s schools are not as ready to learn and have a harder time adjusting to school. Educators are faced with the struggle of teaching these children. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 1-2)noyouddiint
  • There is increased pressure with the No Child Left Behind Act to also meet the needs of disadvantaged  as well as improve overall academic achievement. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 2)10278-round-nclb-logo
  • Community schools now involve partnerships between school systems and community organizations, which offers programs and social services to help meet the needs of children, youth, and family. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 2)sfcp_universalmanual_33009_img_0
  • It is very important to keep an open relationship with the parents of troubled children. Calling the parents and reinforcing  good things that their child has done helps keep a positive relationship with the parents. (Lecture 4/5)tumblr_n5vzl8y4nj1tv4k5po1_400
  • There is a large effect of school social workers in reducing behaviors that interfere with normal school adjustment and validates the role of social workers in the school reform movement. School social workers play an important role in the community school movement. (Diehl & Andy, 2008 p. 17)schoolsw


Diehl, D., & Frey, A. (2008). Evaluating a Community-School Model of Social Work Practice. School Social Work Journal32(2), 2.

Class Lecture 4/5

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