What does a School Social Worker Do?

1.) A school social worker may work with an individual, a parent, a family or a whole classroom. Not all problems can be solved by talking to one person. (In class lecture)


2.) When working with parents and family, social workers make home visits to see the home environment and make sure the child is safe at home and evaluate the circumstances under which the chile may be acting out. Sometimes, home visits reveal information that help the social workers figure out why the child is having problems in school. (In class lecture)


3.) Some children are unable to communicate their problems through speech, their artwork may convey how they are feeling on the inside. Social worker Sam Bligen says that he often uses children’s drawings to gain an insight on what they truly feel and think. This kind of analysis is best on children in grades K-5.

4.) Social workers play a big part in anti-bullying programs in schools. They want to promote good behavior and ensure that students feel safe in their school environment. Many schools have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying, and it can be handled by individual counseling or by sending kids to anti-bullying groups. ( In class lecture)


5.) If you’re like Mr. Bligen, your caseload could be as large, if not larger than 600 students! In a school where there is only one social worker, it is their job to ensure the welfare and safety of all the students in the building. Many students will not have any problems, but there are many others who have trouble in school, or even trouble at home where abuse and neglect at home can have a negative effect on their ability to socialize and interact in school.


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