5 Things Charlie Kramer Feels Are Important When Working with People With Disabilities

(1) It it extremely important for the patient to be able to tell what they would like to do in regards to different treatment options. It is possible that the family of the patient will want to make all the decisions for them and think they know best, so sometimes as a social worker you have to make it clear to them that the patient has the right to chose what they want to do. It is important to stick up for the patient and give them what they want. The individual should be in charge and run the program (Charlie Kramer).


(2) Being that it is much easier to just perform a task for patients than let them learn the hard way, it can become very difficult to “sit on your hands”, or stand back and let the patient struggle until they figure it out (Charlie Kramer).


(3) You will come across a lot of stigma and prejudice in this field of social work. People may often refer to those with mental disabilities as “those kinds of people”, and assume they can’t function with the rest of society (Charlie Kramer).


(4) Charlie does not have a certain age range that he works with. He is willing to work with anyone who walks into his office asking for help (Charlie Kramer).


(5) It is very important to dedicate time to yourself when working in this field. If you are not healthy and happy than you can turn into a “crispy critter” and form an attitude with anyone who asks for help (Charlie Kramer).



Charlie Kramer

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