A Day in the Life of a Social Worker in the Disabilities Field (Toni Murphy)

As told by cats.

By: Eliza Adler

  1. Come into the office and begin to sort through phone messages. These messages can include requests to connect clients with resources or referrals for clients to receive services. They can even include personal calls from clients, which can be truly inspiring. cat-on-phone
  2. Get ready to go to a meeting. This could be something such as an intake and assessment, and might be somewhere unfamiliar. Find your directions and get on your way!toonces_aaa
  3. If this is an intake and assessment meeting, each one will be different. The client and their family could speak a different language and may be overwhelmed at their situation. Help them connect with your services, and any other services they may need.Cute-Spanish-Cat
  4. Lunch may be on the go, with messages piling up and clients to attend to.03f9dad
  5. Your job may entail some supervision, such as an MSW supervising a BSW. In this mentoring position, you go meet with your supervisees if they have any concerns. For example, they may need help and advice before working with a client who has a diagnosis they are unfamiliar with.Maine Coon mother cat, Bambi, and her tabby kitten, Goliath
  6. Another meeting! This time, it is a Community Task Force meeting. The Task Force is made up of several local agencies that also serve clients with disabilities, with the goal of providing as many services as possible using grant money.8321751-Group-of-cats-European-Shorthair-in-front-of-a-white-background-Stock-Photo
  7. Gather your things and get ready to leave—but don’t get ahead of yourself! You’re not going home just yet, you have one more home visit on your way. This visit may be very similar to your intake and assessment meeting from earlier, but each family and situation is different.                  The House Favourite Operates Machine.
  8. Whew! Head home and get ready for tomorrow.Sleeping-Cat

(Grobman, 2012. Developmental Disabilities by Toni Murphy, page 165-170)

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