Social Work and Mental Health

First of all, what is mental health?

In our society, mental health is self-esteem, a sense of autonomy, the ability to maintain fulfilling relationships, and a sense of psychological well-being amongst other things. As you can see, it is not exactly easily defined.

Unlike other diseases, mental healthy cannot be tested through our blood or other typical tests such as an X-Ray. 


Often, labeling someone can be problematic

Labels make it too easy for someone to start showing signs of mental illness because symptoms are available through a simple google search, and anyone who thinks they have a mental illness can show false symptoms. Doctors, social workers, and psychiatrists etc. try to remain abstract to prevent a false diagnosis.

There are many causes of mental illness

One of the largest causes is stress. Stress can be caused by the loss of one’s job, or homelessness, and even overwhelming role responsibilities either at work or home. These are all negative life events that have a huge impact on people’s mental well-being.


Disaster Mental Health Services

John D. Weaver often takes a few emergency shifts a month which consist of phone counseling, information and referral, site counseling, arranging voluntary hospitalization, and delegating involuntary commitment. All of these services are provided to help those with mental illnesses who seek out help. (Grobman 208)

September 11th, 2001

John D. Weaver,  a licensed social worker, worked extensively as the Coordinator of the Family Assistance Center (FAC). The purpose of this center was to provide a safe place for families to come together and share thoughts, feelings and memories with each other. (Grobman 210)



In Class Lecture

Grobman, L. (2012). Days in the Lives of Social Workers (4th ed.). Harrisburg: White Hat Communications.

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