1/4 – According to the National Center for Health Statistics, suicide rates in America increased by 24% from 1999 to 2014.

1/2 – About half of all Americans (46%) endure some form of mental illness at some point in their life.

1/2 – Half of mental disorders start to show by age 14.

3/4 – 75% of mental disorders start to show by age 24.

?/100 – Due to stigma, it’s hard to make sure everyone with a mental health disorder is treated. Misdiagnosis makes it harder to make sure those who are treated, are treated properly. (class notes)


2x – Mental health disorders are often comorbid with substance abuse. People can develop a substance abuse issue while trying to self-medicate in order to alleviate suffering from their symptoms. The stigma of mental health can fuel this, making it harder for people to step forward. Being labeled as ‘psycho’ and taking ‘crazy pills’ just makes this worse.

3x – Suicide of young people (15-24) has essentially tripled since 1960. 6.3% of American adolescents from 2005-2010, aged 12-19, take psychotropic medications. 5.9% of young people taking psychotropic medication were male and 6.7% were female. Males were more likely to take ADHD drugs whereas females were more likely to take antidepressants. (CDC)

100/100 – All of us can do our part to educate people about mental health to increase awareness and decrease stigma. (class notes)



Class notes – Professor John Vassello, MSW

DiNitto, D., & McNeece, C. (2008). Social work: Issues and opportunities in a challenging profession (3rd ed.). Chicago, IL: Lyceum Books.;2010

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