5 Things You Might Not Know About End of Life Social Work (featuring the cast of Golden Girls)- by Gilda Goldental-Stoecker

  1. Due to advances in health care and technology, there is currently a longevity revolution for older adults. In fact, it is predicted that by 2030 the older population (65 or older) in the United States will be twice the size of the older population (65 or older) of 2000. (Lecture notes 4/26/2016)


  1. The large growth in number of older adults is resulting in the need for increased health and social services. Moreover, there is and continues to be a shortage of qualified gerontological social workers in the United States. At the current rate, this will continue to grow in size and scope. (Lecture notes 4/24/2016)


  1. Gerontology is the scientific and systematic study of aging. This multidisciplinary field works to address biopsychosocial functioning in older adults. A large focus of this study is the biophysosocial-spiritual behaviors that affect a person’s ability to perform ADLs, or Activities of Daily Living. (Lecture notes 4/24/2016)


  1. The six measures to assess Activities of Daily Living are the ability to feed oneself, the ability to use the toilet oneself, the ability to get dressed by oneself, the ability to shower or bathe by oneself, the ability to get in and out of a bed or chair by oneself, and the ability to get around the inside of a home. If one of these abilities is lost, it greatly affects quality of life and safety in completing other tasks. (Lecture notes 4/24/2016)


  1. Some of the challenges that affect older populations can include living alone, poverty, access to care, economic inequalities, and changing family structures. (Lecture notes 4/24/2016)                                                   200-1.gif

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