6 Facts About Older Adults!

The human life span has increased significantly, therefore the minimum age for eligibility for social welfare programs may be fifty-five to sixty-five or older, varying by the program. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 261).


A lot of older people stay active well into their seventies and eighties, possibly older, while others start to limit their actions much earlier because of poor health and other complications. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 261).


Many older people have good health, sufficient incomes, live independently, and desire strong bonds with their family as well as positive relations. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 262).


The older an individual gets, the more experience, knowledge, as well as talent he or she may obtain. Opposed to young and middle aged adults, older people usually have more freedom to practice activities that increase their satisfaction of life. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 262).


It is important that social workers have the knowledge of the biological, psychological, and social processes related with the aging of human beings that may involve older individuals as well as their family members to have contact with human service and health care providers. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 262).



Human service and health care agencies serve acute care hospitals, rehabilitation programs, outpatient health clinics, inpatient and outpatient psychiatric programs, home health care program, hospice programs, adult protective services, nursing homes and assisted livings, which may serve people with disabilities who are younger. (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 262).



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