4 Reasons Why More Gerontological Social Workers are Needed by Emily Panganiban

  1. There is a growing population of elderly. The demand for the services of gerontological social worker is on the rise with a growing population of elderly. In the United States, the population of the elderly is estimated to be double the population of elderly in 2000 by 2030. The larger population of elderly will need more people to serve them. (In Class Lecture Notes)kvtfiwsgi9k3mvia giphy
  2. Caregivers need help. According to DiNitto and McNeece (2008), caregiving, while being “…a meaningful and rewarding experience,” also “…causes stress; feeling of anger, depression, guilt, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation; and physical health problems.” Social workers can help caregivers by assisting them in getting respite care, housekeeping services, or a personal attendant (p.279).
  3. The elderly may not have support. They may be living alone without a spouse or any family to support them. A social worker can step in and provide them with the support they need and make a difference in their lives. (In Class Lecture Notes)lgipblsvywt8qvia giphy
  4. Care access. Because of racial, income, and ethnic inequalities, the elderly may not be able to receive the healthcare that they need. This is especially a problem for access in terms of mental healthcare since one in five people over the age of 55 have concerns dealing with mental health. A social worker could help them access resources and programs in the community. (In Class Lecture Notes)


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