A Day in the Life of a School Social Worker

7:15 AM: The day starts off quickly with a case! Two students are fighting outside of the school building, and they have to go see the principal. Then, it’s time to check the mail to stay organized for the day. 8TA6yBXAc.gif

8:00 AM: Time to check phone messages, and maybe even answer an early-morning call from a parent! It isn’t too early for students to come in either, so be prepared to help them get their day off to a good start. 111111111.jpg

8:30 AM: Sometimes students have special needs, like clothing. It is time to bring a group of students to a local Urban League office to get new clothes. Pile them into the car, bring them to get their clothes, pile them back in the car, and go back to school. 222.jpg

9:45 AM: Time for a group session! A session might look like: having students rate their week and share a high and low, then complete a worksheet and do some role playing, then discuss what they learned, take a prize, and leave. children-happy.png

10:45 AM: Each day is full of unexpected events, like parents needing help. One day, a mom might come in to talk about the issues she is facing as a single parent. Time to speak with her, encourage her to attend parenting classes with you, and offer her some food from your cupboard. mom-pushing-baby-stroller-clip-art-image.png

11:30 AM: Part of this job might include helping out at recess. Students may approach you to talk about issues they are having, and you will help out by speaking with them. If students engage in a fight, you can provide mediation. kids-swinging-clip-art.png

12:30 PM: Time for home visits. They may not go as well as you hoped, and sometimes nobody will come to the door at all. cute-house-clipart-cute_red_and_blue_house.png

1:30 PM: Conducting lessons in classrooms is a key part of the day. It is time to go conduct a substance abuse lesson to 2nd graders, with the help of some 6th graders. class-clipart-ready-lesson-6391118.jpg

2:45 PM: Time for a meeting with the teachers on the Social Work Advisory Committee! They help a school social worker adjust to their role at the school. teacher-clipart-two-teachers-clipart-1.gif

3:30 PM: Time to go home! clock-clip-art-alarm-clock.png


“Days in the Lives of Social Workers” Pages 97-101