4 Reasons Why Social Workers are Beneficial to People in the Military by Emily Panganiban

  1. Those in the military can bring their families on to military bases. Being in the military can complicate family life. Often times, people in the military must spend time apart from their families and this can put a strain on the family and especially married life. A social worker can offer their services to a married couple and offer counseling. (in class lecture, 3/8/16)                                                                                                  yeig5wmfvmnnwvia giphy
  2. Coming back can be tough. Many veterans come back from service with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Their experiences from the warzone followed these soldiers back home. These are the people that need support and social workers can offer that support through services such as counseling and group therapy. (Studgeon, in class lecture)          l41m6xqyspxis3oeqvia giphy
  3. During service, those in the military may need services and programs that social workers can offer. These services and programs may include mental health services, combat stress response teams, and substance abuse treatment. (Daley, 2015)zh5d05dyxnixmvia giphy
  4. It’s not just veterans that are affected by PTSD. Spouses of those in the military can be affected by their partner’s PTSD. Many marriages end because the veteran’s spouse is unable to cope with a veteran’s nightmares or anger management issues. In addition to this, veterans that have come back from war may feel overly protective of their family and, therefore, may not allow their spouse or children to go out. This may result in secondary PTSD. (Studgeon, in class lecture)lu30ilszcce3evia giphy



Daley, J. (2003). Military Social Work: A Multi-Country Comparison. International Social Work Int Soc Work, 46(4), 437-448.

In class lecture, March 8, 2016

Studgeon, C. In class lecture. March 10, 2016

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