The Six Stages In The Stages of Change Model

By Sam Engel

  1. Precontemplation– Precontemplation is essentially when an individual is in denial of having a problem. They are completely unaware of their current situation, and they do not understand the impact of their drug addiction on their personal lives. giphy (19).gif
  2. Contemplation- Contemplation is when the individual recognizes that they have a problem, but they don’t think that their problem is impacting them negatively, so they actively deny it. The distinction between precontemplation and contemplation is very important, as it signals the beginning of the individual’s journey to recovery. giphy (20).gif
  3. Preparation– Preparation is when the individual decides to take action on their pre-recognized issue, and they attempt to figure out how to do so. At this point, they will begin to make minor changes to their lifestyle, but they are reluctant to make any major strides. giphy (21).gif
  4. Action- The individual decides to take major actions to absolve his problem. This includes reaching out for help, getting counseling, and potentially even going to rehab. giphy (22).gif
  5. Maintenance- The individual actively works to maintain their sobriety. This includes going to continual counseling, avoiding triggers that would cause them to relapse. The individual will constantly face challenges, but they will fight hard to continue their sobriety.
  6. Relapse- Unfortunately, the individual might relapse into their addiction, starting the sobriety process all over again. giphy (24).gif

Source: Lecture 3/15/16

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