6 Facts about Mental Health in Correctional Facilities

  1. About 20 Percent of inmates have serious mental health illnesses (Aufderheide, 2014 Par 3).gaslighting.jpg
  2. Some most common mental health issues that inmates face include,  schizophrenia, major depression, and bipolar disorder (Aufderheide, 2014, Par 4).Unknown.jpeg
  3. In the 1960s, states embarked on an initiative to reduce publicly-operated mental health hospitals. As a result thousands of mentally ill persons were released into communities. Without proper health care it only led to incarceration for many of these individuals (Aufderheide, 2014, Par 7).images.jpeg
  4. While holding a mental ill person in jail it could lead to additional issues such as becoming overly passive, withdrawn and dependent during incarceration. Other might become agitated, episodically violent or engage in suicidal self-injurious behaviors (Aufderheide, 2014, Par 9).


5. Locations like Rikers Island have become Privatized in order to provide inmates with mental health services. However, this does not ensure that these individuals are receiving the appropriate services (Daniel, 2008, Par 8).


6. Unfortunately once released from prison it will be difficult to seek help due to a limited amount of programs. This will lead to re-admittance to the prison system. (Aufderheide, 2014. Par 12).


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