4 Ways a Social Worker can be Beneficial to a Veteran

  1. When soldiers come back from war there are usually some issues with adapting back to society. Luckily social workers are ready to meet with these veterans and ask about their health, living situations, family and other support systems, military experience, and anything else a veteran will need assistance with. After this a social worker can write an assessment that can help their VA healthcare team create treatment plans.


2. Social workers are also able to provide long-term case management services to veterans who are at risk of being admitted to a hospital. Whether it be due to medical problems who just needing additional help and support. Dim_j27Sept_Lede-640x427.jpg

3. Educating the veteran and their family members/support system is a vital role of a social worker. This can be through providing you with information regarding additional services you could use in order to live a healthier life. As well as learning how to deal with stress and loss as well as finding support group through their local community. Yet education is not limited to veterans and their families but also to the staff in the medical centers that these individuals are admitted to.


4. At times veterans have difficulty speaking up for themselves. Luckily social workers are available to provide you with assistance as well as explaining anything that is confusing.



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