8 Facts About Child Welfare

Neglect is the failure of adults to meet children’s physical, emotional, mental, educational, or social needs (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 239).


Approximately 12 percent of mistreatment cases include sexual abuse, about 25 percent of the cases include physical abuse, while about 63 percent of the cases include emotional or psychological maltreatment (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 239).


The common primary caretakers of children are women, who are responsible for about 75 percent of neglect including medical neglect, while men are responsible for about 75 percent of sexual abuse cases (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 239).


Child maltreatment occurs in all racial and ethnic groups and at all socioeconomic levels, though maltreatment is more likely to occur in poverty-stricken families (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 240).


Traumatic involvements include experiencing or witnessing violence, being confined in closed spaces, or suddenly losing the acquainted caregiver, which often leaves permanent emotional and physical scars (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 240).


Traumatic children may find it difficult to form healthy relationships or to trust others (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 241).


Approximately three to ten million children witness domestic violence yearly; those who witness abuse are more likely to be abused themselves and to abuse their own children or spouses in the future (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 241).


Social workers offer a broad range of services to help families and children manage and overcome emotional and mental difficulties as well as intellectual disabilities (Dinitto & McNeece, 2008 p. 241).


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