4 Ways School Social Workers Benefit Students by Emily Panganiban

  1. Social workers that work in a school setting are mandated reporters. If a social worker is suspicious that a student is being neglected or abused, they must report it. Because of this, students can be taken away from dangerous situations. (In class lecture, 4/5/2016)
  2. A student can confide in a social worker. Social workers are bound to confidentiality, so a student can confide in a social worker without fear of their words spreading outside of their conversation. The only situations in which a client’s information would be discussed with someone that is not the client or the client’s legal guardian is if there is a specific professional reason why the information should be disclosed. Even if there is a situation, social workers don’t need to tell every single detail. (Bligen, 4/7/2016)        3ofycynrra8qo1cv8q
  3. Students that see school social workers may reduce their behavioral problems. In a study by Diehl and Frey, it was found that students that saw them during a 6-month period had reduced behavioral problems seen by their parents and teachers. (Diehl & Frey, 2008)
  4. School social workers work with the family as well as the student. The person that goes to school every day is the student not the family members, so the family could be almost completely disconnected from the student’s life at school. A school social worker can encourage parents to get more involved. (In class lecture, 4/5/2016)zpxb41fw27zvm


Bligen, S. In class lecture, 4/7/2016

Diehl, D., & Frey, A. (2008). Evaluating a Community-School Model of Social Work Practice. School Social Work Journal, 32(2), 2-17.

In class lecture, 4/5/2016

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